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Johnson Marine Services VT, owned and operated by Patrick Johnson, specializes in performing pre-purchase, insurance, and damage marine surveys for pleasure and commercial power and sailing vessels, new or used. We provide prompt professional service.

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson, AMS, has been working commercially on boats for over 25 years. He has captained and crewed over 50,000 miles along the eastern seaboard, in the Caribbean and the Pacific. Captaining work has given him the ability to quickly identify and repair small and large issues while underway. This experience has given him an understanding of both the practical and functional aspects of all of the systems on both power and sailing vessels. In addition to captaining, he has restored several classic fiberglass vessels, and built and restored smaller wooden sail boats.

Boat surveying work has long been in Patrick's family, so it was a logical move for him to start surveying vessels full-time along with his father and brother in Connecticut. He has been a full-time surveyor in the Vermont and New York areas since 2015 and since then has performed thousands of surveys. Patrick is a fully Accredited Marine Surveyor (AMS®) with one of the most respected organizations in the field, the Society of Marine Surveyors (SAMS®), and is a member of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).